nick shipp architects formed in fulham in 1991 and opened a bath office in 1998, working from converted cow byres at haugh farm. since november 2011, we relocated our studio to central bath and currently occupy a prominent corner office on belvedere on lansdown road.

we have remained a small group of designers with a passion for what we do. our work is defined by a consistency of design principles that connect context with environment and place, rather than adhering to a particular architectural form or style. we celebrate the freedom for bespoke and contextually good solutions that play a key part in our designs.

the practice ethos

“nick shipp architects operates to provide successful creative architecture, through elegantly functional design”

the practice’s aims

the aim of the practice is to introduce clients into an environment in which they feel comfortable to contemplate and explore the potential of any given brief for a building.

this process affords circumstances within which pre-conceived ideas and ideals can be reorganised, transcending both their ambition and aspirations of the initial idea.

this journey aims to realise a tangible product of distinct architectural merit that provides pleasure to all those who come into contact with it.


we enjoy the challenge to create successful and creative architecture through vigorous commitment to design method, cost and time control. these remain prerequisites on any project to achieve both cost certainty and added value.

as a practice of designers, we recognise that good buildings need close relationships with our clients which we nurture at every stage, supported by the creative, trusting and skilful work that involves all members of the design and construction teams.

our philosophy encompasses design that is thoughtful and sensitive in application, flexible, adaptable and functional for ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘whole life’ usage. practical, robust and elegant detailing is inseparable from an aesthetic that responds to notions for beautiful buildings.

our passion and commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability is supported by efficient and elegant technical design solutions that address and resolve issues as an integral part of a responsible and forward looking strategy for the design of our work.

upon invitation, we will give our time to discuss ideas with a prospective client for an initial evaluation. we are happy to continue to work on a keen hourly rate to ascertain a preliminary feasibility result and follow this with an architectural service offer for agreement and embark on a design process that meets expectations for agreed cost, quality and time.

nsa provides full architectural services in most building sectors from inception to project completion, supported by a commitment to ensure successful professional working relationships between client, consultants, contractors and statutory consultees. we work particularly closely with key consultants, where we have established track records for the successful delivery of structural engineering solutions, cost reporting and assistance in the areas of planning consultancy, ecology and the environment, interior and landscape design. the consultants we work alongside are mostly local to us in bath and each bring different attributes that are honed to the type and scope of the project in hand.

practice profile

nsa is a riba chartered practice and founded in 1991 by the principal architect who sought the freedom to address architecture on his own terms. evolved from arcc architecture, a design practice formed by a group of young london architects in 1988, nsa became a thriving fulham practice opening it’s bath office at haugh farm in 1998, before moving to it’s new offices at belvedere in bath in 2015.

nsa have built up a diverse portfolio of built projects from which success our experience and judgements are based. we have never sought to limit our architectural design to a particular style, type or scale of work and our broad experience has given us the knowledge and skills to manage complex architectural instructions as well as enjoy the small and simple ones.

we remain committed to investment in the very best apple computers and industry leading archicad software to support our principal design platform that offers 3d modelling from the outset and bim compatible project management in practice. we consider the importance of our working environment as critical to the enjoyment and production of high quality work.

we are a 26 year old practice with a listing of highly successful architectural work and at 98%, a demonstrably very high success rate through the planning system.

the practice exists to enjoy the creative fruits of its work, whilst steering a path to fully achieve its aspirations to make a difference and realise its potential for success. we work to make the lives of our clients more enjoyable and rewarding through their experience with our buildings; places which live on into the indefinite future and are designed, like ourselves, to grow old gracefully.

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